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Why Cyber Pundit

Live Interactive Classes

Learn live with top educators, chat with teachers and other attendees, and get your doubts cleared.

Structured learning

Our curriculum is designed by experts to make sure you get the best learning experience.

Practice tests

With the quizzes, tests & assignments practice what you learned, and track your class performance.

Resume Writing Assistance

Our Cyber Pundits will help you in resume writing, Its a free of cost on demand assistance

Real-world Application Curriculum

Focus on a curriculum that emphasizes practical, real-world applications of knowledge rather than just theoretical concepts.

Mock Interviews

Our Cyber Pundits will help you in mock interviews (On-demand) to prepare you for the real interviews



In the fast-evolving landscape of cybersecurity education, Cyber Pundit stands tall as a trailblazer, established in 2019. We pride ourselves on being more than just an educational platform; we are a community committed to shaping cybersecurity leaders. 

At Cyber Pundit, our mission is clear – to cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Whether you're an aspiring Cybersecurity Analyst, SOC Analyst, IT Analyst, or seeking to become an industry expert, our journey is your learning odyssey.

Founded on principles of quality education and hands-on training, Cyber Pundit offers expert-led courses designed for real-world applicability. We nurture talent, providing the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.

Join us in this transformative experience, where the pursuit of excellence meets the realm of cybersecurity expertise. Kickstart your cybersecurity career with Cyber Pundit.

Cyber Pundit is a part of Paisefy Advisory Private Limited, Incorporated in 2018.

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Is technical education mandatory for a cybersecurity career?

No, Cybersecurity is open to everyone, and no specific technical education is mandatory. Any graduate can enter into this field.

Who can benefit from Cyber Pundit's course curriculum?

Our curriculum is tailored for both fresh graduates and working professionals with experience ranging from 0 to 8 years.

How can I switch to a cybersecurity career with no prior experience?

Our courses are designed to cater to individuals with no prior experience, providing a solid foundation for a successful transition into cybersecurity.

What makes Cyber Pundit's training job-oriented?

We focus on providing practical, job-oriented training, along with Resume Writing Assistance and Mock Interviews to enhance your employability.

Is there a global demand for cybersecurity professionals?

Yes, there is a substantial global demand for cybersecurity professionals, and Cyber Pundit prepares you to meet that demand.

What is the demand for cybersecurity professionals in India?

India has a massive demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals, creating ample job opportunities in the field.

What are the salary ranges for cybersecurity roles in India?

Cybersecurity salaries in India typically start from 7-8 Lacs and can go up to 30 Lacs for deserving candidates.

Are there job opportunities after completing Cyber Pundit's courses?

Yes, our courses are designed to provide you with the skills needed for a successful cybersecurity career.

How does Cyber Pundit address the cybersecurity skills gap?

We actively contribute to closing the skills gap by providing industry-relevant training and fostering practical skills development.

Are there lay-offs in cybersecurity roles like in other tech sectors?

No, even during layoffs in the tech sector, cybersecurity job roles remain largely unaffected, offering stability.

What sets a cybersecurity analyst role apart?

The best part of a cybersecurity analyst & SOC analyst role is the continuous challenge of staying ahead of evolving cyber threats, ensuring a dynamic and engaging career.

What is the job market scenario for cybersecurity professionals?

The job market for cybersecurity professionals is thriving, with a constant need for skilled individuals across various industries.

How does Cyber Pundit help fresh graduates in cybersecurity?

Our programs are structured to empower fresh graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful entry into the cybersecurity field.

Are there opportunities for mid-career professionals in cybersecurity?

Yes, our courses cater to professionals with varying levels of experience, including mid-career individuals looking to transition into cybersecurity.

What is the success rate of Cyber Pundit's students in job placements?

Our student success ratio is almost 80% in job placements, with many securing roles in reputable organizations.

What makes cybersecurity a recession-proof career option?

The continuous threat of cyber attacks ensures that cybersecurity remains a critical and recession-proof field.

What ongoing support does Cyber Pundit provide after course completion?

We offer continuous support, including access to resources, updates on industry trends, and assistance in navigating your cybersecurity career.

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